Arabic Translation Services

Our team have many years of professional experience as translators and interpreters, including the translation services to police, the Prosecution and the High Court of the Canton of Zurich. We translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, marriage contracts, divorce certificates, school certificates, diplomas, work certificates, driving licenses, criminal records, newspaper articles, websites, advertisements, business letters, business registration, contracts, manuals, etc..

Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpreting procedure is almost the same time with the translatable statements. In the small circle can also be interpreted consecutively. The interpreter takes notes. The interpretation is time-shifted. We are available for both variants of interpretation. Our services for interpreter extend across the whole German Switzerland, in special cases upon agreement can be outside of Switzerland.

Arabic lessons

If you are interested in learning Arabic or want to discover Middle Eastern culture; Arab-Swiss will be the right and best place to start. Our teachers are all Arabic: - Egyptian Teacher with a university degree, for teaching Arabic and Egyptian Arabic accent for German Speakers. - Syrian Teacher with a university degree, for teaching Arabic and Syrian Arabic accent for German Speakers. - Arabic Teacher with Master Degree, for teaching Arabic and Arabian Gulf accent for English speakers. Each course lasts for one month. The lesson is once a week. Four days a month, divided into 8 lessons. Each lesson is 45 minutes.






We offer Arabic - German translation and interpreting services and Arabic courses for all levels in Zurich region and around.

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